Custom Case Reviews

Get personalized feedback on your 1AC to make sure you are walking into the next tournament with your strongest case. 

What we look for


We will check your sources to make sure the dates are recent and the authors are credible.


We will evaluate your case rhetoric both to ensure it matches the evidence and to determine methods to make it more persuasive.


We will give you options to potentially better structure your case, including switching the order of points or changing to a different case type.

AFF Strategy

We will provide potential ways to structure your AFF philosophy, beginning in your 1AC and carrying through the 2AR. 

NEG Arguments

We will examine your case as if we were a NEG team and will give you the arguments that we would run against you based on your 1AC.

Additional Sources

We will offer you some of our sources that would help build your case, if relevant. 

Check out a snippet of an example case review below!

The following example is only a portion of the feedback you'll receive!

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