One-Day Resolution Camps

Our one-day resolution camps offer you a deep crash course in the resolution with a full day of resolution teaching and resolution-based activities.  Perfect for novices and experienced competitors alike!

August 7th, In-Person

San Antonio, TX!
Oak Hills Church
Led by Lauren Jarvis
Two-track option available

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    Answers to Your Questions

    Our resolution camps are designed to equip you to walk into the season knowing the key topics and issues. We will discuss key areas of the resolution through research-packed lectures, and we encourage you to ask the questions you have been wondering. Then, we will guide you through resolution-based activities, including case brainstorming, team projects, and competitive games. 

    Some students may like to test their case idea out early, and others prefer to continue learning about the resolution before writing a case. That’s why we have two-tracks:

    1. Two-hour debate round with feedback at the end of the camp day. The student choosing this option opts out of main camp activities.
    2. Main Camp Activity. This student chooses not to debate at the end of the day but remains with the group to do games and activities.

    Specify which track you would prefer by indicating if you would like to debate on your registration form!

    Nothing unless you’re planning to debate! Just come with lots of questions, some case ideas, and an interest in the resolution!

    If you are debating, please come with a pre-written case.