SpeechMakers was birthed out of experiencing a void in debate prep resources.

It’s hard to communicate persuasively when you don’t understand what you’re debating, but it’s even harder to ensure you’re keeping up with the resolution. SpeechMakers consolidates and crystallizes foundational resolution topics so you can confidently walk into the competition room, free to focus on your presentation. 


Meet Lauren

Our Story

Hi! I’m Lauren, the founder of SpeechMakers. After competing in speech and debate for 5 years with over 100 tournament rankings including the title of highest full-season seeded team in the nation, I headed off to Baylor University to study Economics, Political Science, and Photojournalism.

I’ve  remained involved in the forensics world because I want to help others grow like I did. I’ve taught over 200 students at debate camps, coached several teams, and met with dozens of other competitors. But between all the interactions, I saw a recurring problem: presentation was stunted by a lack of understanding of the topic. 


That's why I created SpeechMakers: to give you the tools you need to become a powerful orator.

Memberships provides you with content. But there's more.


Memberships give you resolution videos, current event reports, and a customized news feed. You stay grounded in the resolution throughout the season. Learn more.

But being a powerful orator is about more than just the resolution, and we want to holistically improve your debate technique. Stay tuned for updates and new courses and training!


SpeechMakers is the first debate resource of its kind. We fill a gap in the debate world...finally, you will be free to perfect your delivery.