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SpeechMakers began with a goal to free debate competitors to focus on presentation by providing easy access to the tools they need to succeed.

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Considering that my son and his partner were first year novices at TP debate, it would've been overwhelming to have elements of their AFF case and the enormous list of NEG cases without some help. What makes debate enjoyable is to have a knowledge base from which they can speak about. Having ideas of what to expect as guidance and then developing their own understanding of the arguments & evidence choices in a way that is convincing is a powerful combination. Lauren had not only the research and critical thinking expertise, but she had the positive, encouraging personality to help the boys continually improve. She's the person you want helping your TP debaters!
speech and debate parent
I really appreciate all of the help you gave us and I know that your coaching definitely pushed our game up a million notches.
Grace L.
Speech and Debate Competitor

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